Friday Foofaraw: March 24, 2017

Sorry for the delay. And I am again late on the Shag Harbour project. IT WILL HAPPEN, I PROMISE!


One time, in 1800, a new Pope needed to take office, but the church authorities were in exile because France was occupying the Vatican. Without access to their vast storehouse of regalia, the college of Cardinals made do with what they had on hand and produced a papal tiara made of papier-mâché. It was subsequently used many times, even after the crisis had been resolved, as it was substantially less weighty than a normal tiara and so was a lot more comfortable to wear. The only catch was you could really only wear it to address large masses of people from a long ways off, so that nobody had the chance to inspect it too closely.


The memorial above, from a Chicago cemetery, is dedicated to Inez Clarke. Local legend has it that Inez was killed by lightning and the statue was set up by her grieving parents. Spookily, cemetery staff and tour bus drivers have claimed that the statue has a tendency to vanish from its protective box during bad thunderstorms, only to reappear once the weather has calmed down.

The truth behind the legend is a little sketchy; the cemetery has no record of an Inez Clarke being buried on the premises. Some argue that another person is buried under a repurposed memorial, or else that it was placed there as an advertisement for a gravestone-carving business and that nobody is buried under it at all. It’s a creepy tale in any event, and a prime candidate for a long-term static internet camera.


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