Oh yeah

Hi friends. I couldn’t find an appropriate place to share this little factoid with you while I was working on the Polybius project, but I want to bring it to your attention anyway. The state flag of Oregon is the only US state flag with distinct designs for each side. One side has the state seal and the other side has an industrious little beaver. Both sides have a timeless bi-colour design and it’s just a really charming flag.




So that’s pretty much all I wanted to add.

Stay tuned for the September edition: We’re going to take a look at the UFO crash at Shag Harbour, Nova Scotia, probably the most famous Canadian UFO incident and maybe the most well-documented UFO crash in history. Referring to Shag Harbour, no lesser a personage than Whitley Strieber has attested that “there is, quite simply, no better UFO case in the world.” Dang! Gonna be a lot of fun, guys! Until then.


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