Thanks for checking out The Mask Sign, a blog about conspiracy theories, UFO’s, and other unfashionable ideas – and the people who make those ideas a hell of a lot of fun.

I’m Dominic E. Lacasse, an erstwhile academic in the field of Religious Studies. I’m fascinated by conspiracies, urban legends, etc. as a cultural touchstone; a set of stories that give our lives a kind of meaning. Everything we do is that kind of story. Sometimes the story needs an alien abduction or a Bigfoot, and those are important stories too.

I hope to illuminate some of the more interesting people in the history of obscure theory, and to make people think about why it is we engage in these strange thought-forms. I don’t care so much about what is or is not “true” in a conventional sense. I think that’s a question that is given a little too much importance in typical discourse regarding conspiracy theories and Forteana. You’re all grown-ups and you can make up your own mind on that. I just want to show you the scope, the silliness, the creepiness, and the mystery of this often-overlooked realm of the human experience.

I’ll be posting about once a month, with a large project each time. In the interim I’m happy to take questions and post updates. This first project is about one of my very favourite conspiracy theories: The Philadelphia Experiment. I hope you enjoy.



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